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One day, while walking down the street, a man encounters a talking dog. Flabbergasted, the man dashes off to tell his friend. As they rush back to find the talking dog, his friend asks, “A talking dog? What did it say?” The man replies, “Who cares, it’s a talking dog!”
The Design of Sites
A few years ago, the Web was like the talking dog. It was a marvel — so new and fascinating that its content didn’t really matter. However, the Web is maturing and more people are starting to care about factors like value, content, and ease of use over the novelty of the technology itself.
At Website Solutions of CNY we believe there is more to website design than employing the latest stunning graphics and artistic layout. In the real world, it is important that your website:
  • has a professional look and feel
  • is easy to find and navigate
  • provides a positive customer experience
  • accurately reflects the image that you intend to communicate
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